Who the Hell is Torch & Crown?


If you’ve stumbled onto our first post, you’re probably wondering that. I won’t waste your time with corny over-the-top stories of how this brewery has been our dream since childhood (mostly because we’ve already written those stories here). Instead, let’s talk about why we’re here.

What we love most about our city is its infectious energy – the buzz, the ambition – that’s unlike anywhere else in the world. We’ve grown up in the area and witnessed the amazing renewal that craft beverages have brought to the city’s offerings over the past decade.

But to us, there’s still something lacking. We believe the excitement that locally handcrafted products can bring is unparalleled, and it doesn’t sit right with us that the New York City craft movement has occurred on the fringes. In years of drinking through the city, we’ve always felt a disconnect between the breweries popping up in the outer boroughs (most of which, make no mistake, are excellent) and those of us in the center of it all.

That disconnect drove us to a mission. What if, rather than nudging in from the outskirts, a brewery rose up from the center? What if, instead of existing peripherally, we could bring our craft to the heart of the action?

We created Torch & Crown to bring New York City closer to the craft experience than ever before.

In summer 2017, we quit our jobs to make this dream a reality. Since then, there have been some highs both exhilarating and lucky, and some lows both crushing and hilarious (well… only when looking back). We spent almost two years navigating Manhattan retail real estate to find the perfect brewery space. In the meantime, we acquired a production facility in the Bronx and began contract brewing for our friends at other NYC-based breweries.

We’re now ready to get Torch & Crown out into our great city. Building a brewery in downtown Manhattan is an ambitious project – some may say stupidly so – and will take a lot of that unique City energy. Whether we succeed or fail, it’ll definitely be fun. So grab a glass and join us!